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      Our values do not need to change with changing demographics. Our goal should not be to compromise. Those were the messages that resonated most with me at Saturday’s Champaign County Lincoln Day Luncheon keynote address by Former Congressman (FL-22) Allen West.
      Colonel West was a breath of fresh air after listening to establishment Republicans in D.C. They panic and run to the nearest media microphone and talk about how the GOP needs to shift its stance on illegal immigration because of the increased Latino population in the U.S. and how Republicans need to understand that tax increases are a necessary part of digging our way out of a financial disaster.
West delivered at exactly the right moment. Although Congressman Aaron Schock (IL-18) captured the audience with an articulate and smooth message as always, newly-elected Congressman Rodney Davis (IL-13) disappointed me. Davis, who formerly worked for conservative U.S. Representative John Shimkus (IL-15), looked to be a solid choice to run this last election after Rep. Tim Johnson announced his intention to retire at the end of his term. Davis’ message appeared strong during the selection process to replace Johnson. However, at Saturday’s event in Champaign, Illinois, Davis talked about how he doesn’t think “compromise” should be a bad word and that he will work with both sides. Davis said that the Constitution was a compromise.[Continue Reading Full Article]
      The White House had no problem releasing a photo of Obama shooting a gun, but unless a White House photographer was invited along, no photo will be released of Obama shooting at flag sticks during his round with Tiger Woods Sunday. According to The Palm Beach Post, “the news media including the regular White House press corps” (pronounced “corpse” if you’re Obama) “were kept outside the gates during the president’s golf weekend and housed all the way up in Port St. Lucie.”
      Forget about how well each played Sunday. We all know Tiger likely made the course look like child’s play and that Obama spent the majority of his day in his hiked-up shorts [Continue Reading Full Article]
      Either we are really informed or the people leading our Party are really ignorant. By now, I’m sure you’ve read and heard snippets of Reince Priebus’ so-called “The Party of Growth and Opportunity Speech” he delivered at the National Press Club Breakfast. Upon first glance, my reaction is that the omelets and cranberry juice were probably the highlight and most stimulating part of the morning.
      Sure, Reince threw in a few obligatory conservative fluff lines here and there (although the intention to implement conservative ideas in the new GOP strategy is almost non-existent). He told us the obvious facts that women, minorities, and the youth are not favoring Republicans. Now he didn’t mention anything about immigration or abortion, but the framework has been set for those issues to become whatever the Democrats wish to do with them. Reince talked about the analysis of why we lost the last election (and of course it has nothing to do with nominating an establishment-backed candidate).
      “The report minces no words in telling us that we have to be more inclusive,” Priebus said. [Continue Reading Full Article]
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